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Impresiv Health CEO, Marcus Fontaine, Honored with Prestigious Induction into the 2024 American Academy of Entrepreneurs

Orlando, FL – Impresiv Health, a leading provider of healthcare consulting services, is thrilled to announce that our CEO, Marcus Fontaine, has been inducted into the 2024 American Academy of...

5 Reasons To Work As a Contract Employee

Professionals who work for an agency or individual for a specified period are contract employees. Unlike permanent employees who solely work for one employer, contractors can offer services to...

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Implementation Partner

You’ve finally decided that to take your organization to the next level, you need to bring in new software. What do you do next? You plan.

Tips For Gathering Project Requirements

Have you ever begun a project with a clear idea of what you want to achieve but are missing a detailed plan?

Do you know if your projects are on track?

When was the last time that you performed a PMO quality check to determine the health of each project’s status within your portfolio? With mid-year quickly approaching, there couldn’t be a better...