What happens when your organization faces a staffing change? 

Organizational success begins with the people who drive your organization forward. It takes the alignment of competent and motivated people for a business to achieve its true potential. Unfortunately, there are times when one or more of your team members may need to be replaced due to a promotion, a sudden illness, termination, resignation, or any number of other ‘surprises’ that can create a sudden vacuum within your organization. It may be tempting to reactively hire the first qualified candidate that comes along, but that can lead to even further chaos.

When a departure in your team occurs, an interim team member can be the key to stability, bringing tremendous value to your organization.  The main goal of an interim staff member is to achieve the agreed-upon scope and deliverables that support an overall business unit within a specified time frame. 

Here are the Top 3 Business Cases for Interim Staffing.... 

1. Recruiting Top Talent Takes Time

Let's face it... You want the right person for the right job.

Whoever steps into this position will impact the organization’s culture and the future of your business, so you might want to hold off on choosing the first candidate that comes along. Depending on the level of the role. finding the right person for a position can take up to a year or more. Leaving a key department "un-armed" during this extended period can lead to operational issues and dysfunctions, costing your organization time & money.  Your decision to turn to an interim staffing partner could prevent a disruption to operations, while marching towards your strategic initiatives. This will provide the time and space to recruit a new team member who has the expertise and is the right cultural fit within your organization.

2. Goal, Deliverable, Timeline Focused

Return on investment for an interim team member can be quite significant while also facilitating a seamless transition to permanent staff. When an interim professional steps into an organization they come in with a set of goals, focused on identifying and meeting targets while also creating an effective strategy. Harnessed correctly, interim staff can be an immensely powerful tool with the potential of achieving goals 20 times faster than their permanent counterparts.

Interim staff can assist with a myriad of aspects within the organization including succession planning, resolution of fiscal challenges, operational effectiveness, and staff restructuring. Rather than starting with a job description, interim staff starts with a Statement of Work (SOW) with defined goals, deliverables, and a timeline, helping to create focus for everyone right from the start.


3. Unbiased Insights

One of the best reasons to use an interim resource is to bring a fresh and unbiased perspective to your organization. When using the right partner (like Impresiv Health) you can engage a resource that brings experience and expertise within a specified function, at a price that makes sense. Interim staff can bring new viewpoints based on their expertise, as they don’t have the same bias or habits as previous team members, and can assess things objectively. Inserting an interim team member into a role temporarily can allow that individual to assess responsibilities and expectations of the respective role while providing feedback.




Temporary staffing can be an incredibly beneficial service for any healthcare organization, but only if you find the right person. Impresiv Health connects highly qualified healthcare professionals with healthcare organizations for interim and permanent placement.

Interim professionals from Impresiv Health are ready to “hit the ground running” to fill key positions with very little training. Our team understands best practices for interim placements, how to optimize the process, and the distinct skills that make someone successful in an interim role.