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Amanda Malmborg
Amanda is the Marketing Strategist at Impresiv Health.
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Black History Month: Pioneers in Healthcare

In honor of Black History Month Impresiv Health celebrates the African American leaders who have shaped the healthcare industry and pioneered a path for greater diversity in the sector. These...


(4 Minute Read) The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) was created by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) to measure the clinical quality performance of...


(4 Minute Read) Have you ever started a project with a vague idea of what will be built, but not a detailed view of what needs to be done? 

The Benefits of Hiring a Contract Project Manager

(4 Minute Read) The time has come! Your company may have decided to implement new software, roll out a new product line, or is undergoing a new business initiative. Whatever the reason may be, you...


Innovation is the buzz word of 2019. This year has been filled with incredible advances in the healthcare industry. Everyone is looking for innovative ways to improve their business processes and...

HEDIS 2020: What Changes Are On The Horizon?

(5 Minute Read) Since its inception in 1991, the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) has been widely used to ensure quality in managed care. HEDIS® is a comprehensive set of...

Is Your Plan Ready for a RADV Audit?

(3 Minute Read) HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION BECOME COMPLIANT AND PREPARED WITH MOCK RADV AUDITS. Each year CMS selects 30 plans for RADV (Risk Adjustment Data Validation) audits to confirm that the...

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Implementation Partner

(4 Minute Read) You’ve finally decided that to take your organization to the next level, you need to bring in new software. What do you do next? You plan.

5 Reasons To Work As a Contract Employee

(3 Minute Read) If you're looking for professional challenges that offers both variety and flexibility, you might consider working as a contract employee with a consultancy firm. Companies partner...

Impresiv Spotlight: Charlie Boutin

(3 Minute Read) HOW DID YOU GET INTO THE FIELD OF REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT AND RISK ADJUSTMENT? “I started as an underwriter and eventually grew to be Chief Underwriting Officer responsible for...

Impresiv Spotlight: Phil Rianna

(3 Minute Read) HOW DID YOU GET INTO HEALTHCARE? “In the early 80’s I unknowingly started my journey towards healthcare when I founded Advanced Data Systems. For 20 years I worked with clients to...

Top 3 Business Cases for Interim Staffing

(3 Minute Read) Healthcare doesn’t stop. Neither do you. What happens when your organization faces a staffing change? 

Impresiv Spotlight: Angelie Nieves

(3 Minute Read) Have you met Impresiv Health’s Rock-star Recruiter, Angelie Nieves?

The 5 Stages of Data Maturity

(4 Minute Read) Data flows through an organization daily, and the quality of enterprise data is more important now than ever before. To understand how it originates, how it is used, where it is...