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Maeve Greenaway
Director of Marketing for Impresiv Health.
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Women's History Month: Pioneers in Medicine

March is Women’s History Month, which provides the opportunity to look at how women have impacted the practice of medicine and the advancement of patient care in America over the years. From the...

5 Reasons To Work As a Contract Employee

Professionals who work for an agency or individual for a specified period are contract employees. Unlike permanent employees who solely work for one employer, contractors can offer services to...

Black History Month: 10 Pioneers in Healthcare

In honor of Black History Month, we’re proud to turn our intentions toward some of the trailblazing Black physicians, nurses, research scientists, and healthcare pioneers who not only advanced...

Top 3 Business Cases for Interim Staffing

(3 Minute Read) Healthcare doesn’t stop. Neither do you. What happens when your organization faces a staffing change? 

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Implementation Partner

You’ve finally decided that to take your organization to the next level, you need to bring in new software. What do you do next? You plan.

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