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“In the early 80’s I unknowingly started my journey towards healthcare when I founded Advanced Data Systems. For 20 years I worked with clients to provide total evaluation and analysis of their information systems and project management needs. During that time, I noticed that healthcare in particular was going through this radical technological transformation, and I started concentrating efforts in that direction. I eventually caught the attention of HealthEdge who brought me into their organization, giving me the perfect opportunity to utilize my extensive background in Claims and Payor Processing technology" 

Tell Us About Your HealthRules™ Experience?

"For six years I worked with HealthEdge as a Delivery Director, responsible for the delivery of new implementations and upgrades. During my time there I gained an even deeper understanding of payer operations, claim processing, and vast experience deploying an enterprise-class software product in the healthcare payer space. I managed both the business and technical segments of projects while leading a successful team of internal and external resources. Now, as Impresiv Health’s HealthRules Delivery Director, I have been tasked with growing and supporting our team who is currently supporting HealthRules Payor for various clients"

What Unsolicited Advice Would You Give to An Organization That Is in The Process of Implementing The Product?

"My first piece of advice would be to take an honest look at the capabilities and bandwidth of your internal team, and if you aren’t 100% sure that you can carry the project through to completion then bring in some outside help. Before you start the project resolve any business and technical requirements and map out all the stages from inception to completion. Assign both a business and technical stakeholder who can drive the project. Having both viewpoints enables you to have a more holistic view of the project, ensuring that there are no surprises down the road due to unheard objections."

If You Had A Magic Bullet to Solve A Common Issue When Implementing A Benefit Administration System, What Would It Do?

"One of the best things that you can do before implementing a new system is to look at the data you’re receiving from providers and ensure that its compliant, complete, and accurate. Benefit administration platforms are configured around your organization’s unique requirements and merged with your existing data, so if your data is a mess then it becomes much more difficult to move ahead on schedule. Ensuring that incoming data conforms to your mapping requirements will guarantee a smooth implementation."

What Do You Love About Working at Impresiv Health?

"When I decided to look for a new opportunity, I was concerned about finding a company that would allow me to have the right balance of autonomy and support. Working with Impresiv Health has allowed me to use my years of experience to help clients navigate complex implementations from the initial project discovery stage through final implementation and beyond. What makes Impresiv Health different in this space is that we are a team of exceptional people doing exceptional things."

What Are Your Goals For The HealthRules™ Sector That You’ve Built At Impresiv Health?

"I want to make it easier for organizations of all sizes to employ the latest in technology to help turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities. For many health plans, outdated technology is causing expensive workarounds and manual processes that prevent a successful response to new business opportunities. At Impresiv Health we’ve built a team of seasoned professionals who span all areas of HealthRules™, driving new levels of agility, efficiency and transparency across workstreams from project kickoff to go-live’s transition into operations. As we grow, I want us to continually strive to better serve our clients by improving our methodologies, processes, and accelerators for quicker implementations—at a price that makes sense."